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Our preventative maintenance packages are designed to fix issues before they persist. Without this necessary upkeep, it can take much longer to identify problems and end up costing you more in repairs.

Consistent and proper maintenance of your appliances ensure they serve you longer while looking their best. Unmaintained appliances burn unnecessary energy and add to your utility bills.

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Our Service Frequency Recommendations

Refrigerators service frequency up to 3 times per year

Up to 3 times per year.

  • Regular maintenance allows you to catch a problem before it starts or becomes worse beyond repair.
  • Consistent and proper upkeep will help your refrigerator live longer.
  • Replacing the filters in your refrigerator creates a cleaner environment for your food.
Packages starting at $62,100
Air Conditioners service frequency up to 3 times per year

Air Conditioners
Up to 3 times per year.

  • An unmaintained air conditioning unit burns excess energy, which adds to your electricity bill. Service your units regularly and save $$$.
  • An unmaintained AC will not cool as it should.
  • An AC with dirty filters may cause you and your family members to become ill.
Packages starting at $31,050
Washers and Dryers service frequency up to 3 times per year

Washers and Dryers
Up to 3 times per year.

  • Regular upkeep increases your machine’s efficiency and lifespan.
  • Regular upkeep ensures clothes are cleaned and dried in the shortest time.
  • A well-maintained washer and dryer does not burn excess energy, which can lead to increased utility bills.
Packages starting at $44,685 & $46,287 respectively